We offer: New philosophies of networking and communication - support at all stages of development.

We are your competent and experienced consulting partner at all layers of the ISO/OSI-models.
Years of experience with the range of testing shaped our view about critical issues of networked systems and helped us to gain a valuable insight into the problems of incomplete and ambiguous spelled out product specifications. We can offer you support at all stages of development, from philosophies of networking and communication – starting with requirement analyses – to standardization in organizations like ISO.

We offer: Support during the development of your product with a view to testability.

At the beginning of the IC design phase C&S helps to integrate testability. Pre-testing during the design can reveal problems early. Consequently the customer coaching has been established to support a better understanding of the different specification requirements improving the design and avoiding troubles during the development phase and subsequently in the conformance test.


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We offer: Specification, conception and development of products - we accompany you.

Whether it be software or hardware – we accompany you right from the start in your development and advise you in all questions. We support your systematic analyses and estimation of conditions, requirements and risks. 

We offer: Analyses of environment and system parameters for your configuration of networked systems.

Your company faces the configuration or adjustment of a networked system? We analyse the environment - and system parameters with regard to the whole system integration analysing the feasibility and the effect of applied changes in your system.