We live the requirements of ISO 17025, the principles of ISO 9001 and the recommendations of ISO 27002.

Quality management is today an issue in almost all areas of technology, business and social responsibility.


Despite all prejudices, the idea of quality management has established itself: based on standardized basic concepts, processes in companies get structured. For employees and customers, transparency and security is made through the fulfilment of quality-related standards.




We ourselves dealt with the issue of quality management intensively and it was a logical consequence of our sense of responsibility that in 2007 we set up a company-wide - as we find - well-designed quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 17025:2005. 

In 2008, we took the step to an official accreditation of our test area LIN. Since that time we have been able to complete every supervisory without any complaints.


Not just since the new German law for information security exists, the protection of data and information is a main subject for us. In 2014, we had an external information security audit. At the end of the assessment we got an official release for handling secret data. Read more under ISO 27002


Because of the fact that we fulfil the expectation of ISO 17025, we operate a 'quality management system which fulfils the principals of  ISO 9001' (ISO 17025:2005, section 1.6).


Below you find our latest accreditation document with the corresponding attachment. If you need a copy or confirmation apart from this please contact us