Test specifications by and with us. Amongst others.

  • CAN
    ISO 16845 Protocol conformance test – Processor Interface – Robustness. 

    Low-Speed und High-Speed Transceiver — Partial networking ISO 16845-2. Device tests and System tests — Transceiver Model Requirements Specification and Validation Test Specification.

    Communication and Network Management Software Modules.

  • FlexRay 
    Protocol and Physical Layers Conformance Test Specifications — Bus Driver Simulation Model Requirements Specification and Model Validation Test Specification — Communication Controller: Device Level Assessment Test Specification — Wakeup - Startup - Sleep Test Specification.

  • LIN 
    Data Link Layer. Physical Layer. OEM specific test specifications. SAEJ2602 Standalone Transceiver test specification.

  • OSEK 
    Network Management. 

  • Diagnostic 
    Diagnostic communication between test equipment and vehicle over Internet Protocol.