Testing with our CAN-FD Test Module.

Once upon a time....

there was the idea to create a possibility of testing CAN systems in an easy and uncomplicated way. Easy and uncomplicated means to our testing engineers the problem-free adding/removing of system nodes and the possibility to run the tests with individual parameters. And of course – if they were at it – the module should 'understand' CAN-FD.


From this idea our engineers developed our CAN-FD Test Module, which we use successfully and which you can buy for using it in your company. 


Our CAN-FD Test Module is small and handy and easy to use: 

  • You can add up to 20 nodes and remove any number of nodes again.
  • Fitting your specific requirements, we build your application software. 
  • Once a network is connected to the CAN-FD Test Module with your software, the test system runs automatically – and no external setup is needed. 
  • The test system is extendable: the test conditions and the bit timing parameters can be configured externally.
  • There is one single connector to manage supply, backbone (see below) and test channel. 
  • Each CAN-FD Test Module uses a CAN backbone (@500kb/s) to control the tests at the CAN-FD test channel (up to 10Mb/s). 
  • The automatic tests are able to test the network at different frequencies. 
  • The results can be shown, for example, as logging messages. 


If you want to get more information about our CAN-FD Test Module and maybe want to see a demonstration of how it works, please feel free to contact us. Contact details can be found under contact